LA Jury Awards Former Police Officer $4.8 Million For Disability Discrimination Featured

  10 October 2017

A Los Angeles jury has awarded $4.8 million to a former South Pasadena police officer who alleged he was fired by the City of South Pasadena because of his disability.

After a two-week trial, the jury found unanimously in favor of Timothy Patrick Green, an 18-year veteran who was dismissed from the Police Department in 2013. Green alleged the reason given by the city for his termination was  dishonesty, but that this was untrue, and that the real reason was discrimination based on his disability, specifically dyslexia and attention-deficit/hyper-active disorder (ADHD). According to testimony at trial, the city failed to accommodate Green by not providing accommodations to help overcome his difficulty writing reports, which was caused by his disability. Instead, the city allegedly followed the recommendation of a captain who was hostile towards Green because of his disabilities, and had been trying to have Green fired. Read more here.