CA Governor Brown Vetoes Proposal for Disclosure of Salary Information by Gender Featured

  16 October 2017

California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed AB 1209 (Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, D-San Diego), which would have required large companies in California to disclose data on how they are paying men and women differently.

AB 1209 sought to shed light on gender pay disparities by requiring employers to report to the state aggregate data on the difference in wages between male and female employees with similar job descriptions, as well as compensation disparities between male and female board members. Brown's veto message contained a note of caution about the bill's "ambiguous" details. "I am worried that this ambiguity could be exploited to encourage more litigation than pay equity." The California Chamber of Commerce labeled the bill a "job killer," arguing the measure was meant to shame companies for wage disparities without taking into consideration other justifications for differences in pay. Read more here.