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The Third Circuit Court of Appeal has held in, Castleberry v. STI Group, that a single word or incident may create a hostile work environment.




Assembly Bill (A.B. 168), authored by Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman, D-Stockton, has passed the assembly and is headed to Governor Brown for consideration.

A.B. 450, introduced by Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco), prohibits employers from voluntarily consenting to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) inspections in nonpublic areas of the workplace, unless the agent has a warrant.

SB 63 ("New Parent Leave Act") is a bill authored by California Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) which provides 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected maternity and paternity leave for Californians who work for smaller employers of 20 or more, has passed the Senate floor with a 25-13 vote. The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature. SB 63 for an estimated 2.7 million Californian parents who work for smaller companies with 20-49 employees. Under current law, only those who work for an employer of 50 or more are eligible for job-protected parental (“baby-bonding” leave). Read more here:






In Hicks v. City of Tuscaloosa, No. 7:13-cv-02063-TMP, 2015 WL 6123209, (N.D. Ala. Oct. 19, 2015), Stephanie Hicks ("plaintiff"), was a patrol officer on a narcotics task force working for the City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.