U.S. Secretary Of Labor Acosta Encourages States To Reduce Excessive Licensing Featured

  08 August 2017

U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta encouraged state officials to partner together to reduce excessive licensing.


Excerpts from his remarks, as delivered, at the Western Governors' Association Workforce Development Workshop, are below:


…I would like to ask for your leadership to reduce excessive licensing.


Today, more than 1,100 careers are licensed in at least one state. More than 1 in 4 American workers now need a license to work in their chosen field.


First, the cost and complexity of licensing creates an economic barrier for Americans seeking a job, especially for those with fewer financial resources.


Second, excessive licensing creates a barrier for Americans that move from state to state. Geographic mobility is especially important for our economy.    


And third, excessive licensing creates a barrier for Americans looking to leverage technology to expand their job opportunities. 


The financial costs are obvious; some licensing applications cost thousands of dollars.


The cost in time is at least as high.  The national average time required for a cosmetology license is 370 days.  In one state, it is 490 days.  


For Americans living paycheck to paycheck, investing time and money into licensing is a substantial burden.

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